User guide

User guide AeroTracker

When you start AeroTracker on your watch, this is the first screen you see. Now your phone is trying to get a GPS fix. Once a GPS fix is established, you will automatically move on to the next screen.

When you see this screen you have a GPS fix, and you are ready to start.


As the message on screen says, hold the middle button and you will be taken to the menu.

This is the menu.


From here you can start tracking.


Change the units between metric (kilometer) and imperial (miles).

You can turn AutoPause on or off. If AutoPause is on, the tracking will pause if you are standing still.


Change your display between speed and pace.


Choose to turn vibration on or off. When this function is on, your Pebble will vibrate on every km/mile.

When you are tracking, this is the screen you see.


The top row displays your tracking time.


The center row displays your distance.


The bottom row displays your current speed or current pace.

Holding the top button changes the top display.


Hold it once to switch from tracking time to split time.


This is the time you spent on your last km/mile.

Hold the top button once more to switch to clock mode.


This simply displays the time of day.

Holding the bottom button changes the bottom display.


Hold it once to change from current speed/pace to average speed/pace.


This is the average speed/pace for your entire tracking time.

Hold the bottom button once more to display the split speed/pace.


This is the average speed/pace over the last minute.

If you need to exit AeroTracker in the middle of tracking for any reason, you have the option to continue tracking when you return.


If you choose Continue in the menu, tracking will resume from where you left off.


Whatever distance you covered while out of the app will not be counted, however, as there is no way to keep tracking in the background in a Pebble watch app.


If you want the tracking to continue even when you're doing something else on your watch, please have a look at AeroTrackerPro.