AeroTrackerPro is the advanced version of AeroTracker.


Made for Android, you can control your tracks from your Pebble, or the phone app, or both.

AeroTrackerPro is a stand-alone Android app that has everything you need to track your activities, view your stats, and upload them to your favorite tracking site.


AeroTrackerPro syncs your tracks with RunKeeper, Strava and DailyMile!



In addition, AeroTrackerPro has full Pebble support. You can view everything you need on your wrist. Time, average or current speed/pace, split time, split speed/pace, elevation or heart rate.


Everything is configurable from the Pebble app, even when you're already in the middle of your run.


You can even skip to the next song by the push of a button.

Do you have a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor?


Connect it to AeroTrackerPro and view your heart rate while you run.


View your max and average heart rate, and view the heart rate graph of your track in the stats page.